We offer various spray foam insulation for various buildings in Northwest, Missouri.


Open cell spray foam insulation is used for walls and ceilings. It can be used as a sound barrier in rooms. Open cell has a R 2 1/2 per inch.


Closed cell spray foam insulation is typically the more popular option due to it's moisture wicking and vapor barrier properties. It can be used on walls and ceilings as well. Closed cell has a R 7 per inch.


Slade Taylor

Slade originates from Maysville, Missouri. He is a dog dad to many dogs as well as the father of two boys. He enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time or taking his dog on car rides through the country. Slade also has great pride in his gunmanship and country.

Devon Harmon

Devon originates from Maysville, Missouri, but has currently resided in Pattonsburg, Missouri, for the past seven years. He is the dog dad to Koe and enjoys the outdoors. He enjoys floating the river, fishing, and spending time with his gorgeous girlfriend.

Their Story

Slade and Devon are brothers that have started their own business as spray foam insulation contractors. They started this business in February 2022 to become their own bosses and help others. Their love for being outdoors and hanging out in shops transposed to spray foam insulation. They both enjoy talking to anyone and everyone but beware of their snarky humor. We hope to see you soon for your next spray foam insulation job!